" Reach over the possible and into the remarkable." - Luke Bohnenberger
TBI Survivor / Inspirational Speaker / Coach


Luke is a certified coach, trainer and speaker through the Les Brown Institute. Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Of course you are, let’s start today. “Life is a roller coaster, enjoy the ups, learn from the downs and buckle up.”



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After surviving a car accident at 18 years of age and being put through the most dangerous surgery in the world, Luke believed the fight was over; however, that was not the case. Only a couple of months after his accident, the real battle began. Because of the damage to Luke’s frontal lobe, he lost control of his emotions which eventually landed him in a mental hospital. Within those walls is when Luke discovered the reason behind his second chance. He could now help others who felt trapped behind their layers of pain.
Luke is now an inspirational speaker and coach certified by Les Brown, one of the most well-known motivational speakers in the world. Luke is also the author of Recycling Pain and believes that there is no such thing as pain without opportunity.
“I was thrown head first out of a car going 70 mph, but I have never been hit harder than when depression hit.”    Luke Bohnenberger


Pain serves those who are willing to take advantage of it. - Luke Bohnenberger


Luke Speaks, LLC 

Simpsonville, SC  29680


Tel: 864-483-3623

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