It doesn’t matter where you are in life, how much you have or how little you have. Everyone experiences pain. These incredible speakers will teach you methods on how to channel your spiritual, financial, physical and emotional pain into value. Let them show you how to turn your pain into money, purpose, prosperity and endless possibilities. Recycling your pain isn’t about just getting rid of it; it’s about turning it into your greatest asset. 

Make 2018 your best year ever and join us for a day of inspiration and growth.


Our Speakers:

Antonio Smith - "Pain To Profit"

From the first grade to ninth grade, Antonio T. Smith Jr., was a homeless kid eating out of trash cans, thrown into a world of violence where he had to endure violence, rape, and molestation. Antonio had to put himself through school where he continually failed. His shelter was in a dumpster in one of the worst neighborhoods in Galveston, TX. He was psychologically broken, violent, and suicidal. Then one day his life would change forever. He decided this would not be his future and that his future would be to travel the world, making life better for other people.

Today Antonio T. Smith, Jr is a 3 Time Bestselling Author, CEO of ATS JR Companies, an award-winning public speaker and biblical scholar. He lectures worldwide on transformation, business strategy, self-help, and the universal laws of success.


Evodi Bashangi - "Pain to Prosperity"

Evodi overcame being abandoned at the border by her mother when she was 16 years old and 7 months pregnant. Homeless and broken, Evodi had to learn how to be a mother, manage the house hold , get school work done and make a life for herself. She would spend her entire youth suffering from depression while being shuffled in and out of shelters with her daughter. She has been through more in her 20+ years than most will ever experience.

Today Evodi has developed an “Authenticity is key” mind set, in which she teaches people to tap into their authentic power to have a better life. She has developed coaching tools, programs, courses and books designed to help the world prosper. She is also a certified Les Brown Partner, a world renowned public speaker, and leadership coach.


Luke Bohnenberger - "Pain To Perspective"


One day Luke was heading to the gym with friends and then he wakes up two weeks later in ICU. An horrific car accident left him with a severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), lost memory, and the inability to walk and talk. Put through the most dangerous surgery in the world, Luke had to live for months at a time with half a skull. The damage to his brain made Luke lose something we all should cherish - control. Having no control of his emotions led Luke to losing some of the most important people in his life and an eventual attempt at suicide. Admitted to a mental hospital, Luke learned the most important concept of life - perspective.


Today Luke Bohnenberger is a certified inspirational speaker and trauma coach where he helps people overcome and recycle their pain.


Jonathan Nowlan - "Pain To Possibilities"


Jonathan Nowlan was left with the verdict of paralysis following a horrible accident in 2014. After two years of playing the victim, he began to change his outlook. He had to relearn how to dress himself, use the bathroom, and get in and out of vehicles. Jonathan went from needing care around the clock to living independently. He even learned to walk again.


Today, he shares his story on how pain became his doorway to endless possibilities. His goal is to help others achieve their maximum potential and performance in life. Jonathan is a certified Les Brown Speaker, Coach and transformational trainer. He is an Author and speaks to multiple treatment centers providing curriculum on life skills and renewal of the mind.


Wendy McGlaun – “Pain to Purpose”

From the outside looking in, Wendy McGlaun had “the perfect life”. In reality, she was battling strongholds of insecurity and personality disorders, leading to a pattern of unhealthy relationships, an eating disorder and multiple shattered dreams. Believing her pain would lead to her purpose, she boldly redesigned her life. She is currently a National Marketing Director with a global wellness company, a National and International Speaker and a Corporate Trainer.

Finding strength in her core values of faith and fun, Wendy’s life mission is to illumine, inspire and restore hope, so that others can become all they are meant to be, regardless of their past.

"Pain is like a fingerprint. We all have one, but no one's pain is exactly like another.  From a distance it might all look the same, but get closer and examine it, and you will realize that your pain is the thing that gives you your identity" - Luke Bohnenberger

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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