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Inside Scoop (Recycling Pain)

One of my first speaking engagements after my accident was on how I was able to use my pain to push me forward. I called it, “Recycling Pain”. I’m bringing back that same topic but with much more impact and meaning. Go to event to find out more details but I’d like to give you some insight on our speakers for this event on May17th in Greenville, Sc.

Let us first talk about Antonio Smith. I knew that I needed Antonio at my event for several reasons. Being only 22 years of age and having a roof over my head and dinner on the table, I knew I would not be able to connect with the audience when it comes to financial pain. When I first Antonio T. Smith Jr, I would have never guessed the stories he had within him and the pain he has carried. Yet, when he smiles, everyone smiles. From living in a dumpster and being broken to the point that he became suicidal, he has turned everything he went through into a masterful piece of art. Bravo Antonio, bravo.

Now, let’s talk about the beautiful Evodi Bashangi. Antonio might have a contagious smile, but Evodi has a glow. Short and sweet in conversation but when she hits that stage she is a powerhouse. She blew my mind when I saw her at a conference. When we were one of the top finalists for a speaking competition with the Les Brown Institute, I had never been more nervous to speak knowing I had to go on after her. Evodi was a hurricane as she blew the roof off that place. So excited to have her as a fellow speaker, I just hope she doesn’t destroy the venue where we are holding the event.

My good friend, Jonathan Nowlan has a voice that will reach through your chest and touch your heart. When I first laid eyes on Jonathan I knew he had a story, I just didn’t know that it would be similar to mine. I can honestly say, I may be a 6-foot 5 giant, but I look up to Jonathan. With a unique voice and a powerful story, I know in five years if not less, he will be heard all around the world. Always in the gym motivating others, showing people that there is nothing holding you back from greatness but yourself. Jonathan will ensure you that there are endless possibilities within your pain.

I had several speakers drop out because God was telling me that this woman had to speak at my event. Let me introduce you to Wendy McGlaun, the woman with the knowledge, courage and ability to share it. When I contacted Wendy to speak, she had no hesitation to say yes and she bought her plane tickets that day. She knew that this was her purpose. I can tell just by the few conversations that we have shared that she is experienced, disciplined and on top of it. I cannot wait to hear her story and her wisdom.

So...this is the inside scoop of the speakers you will be connecting with on May 17th. They are all great speakers but even better when they can all harmonize on a specific topic. They are not coming to speak. They are coming to connect ... to connect with you.

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