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Life's Treadmill (Damaging Habits)

Do you feel like you have been forming these great new habits but none of them have shown any difference in your life? You have been working your butt off, breaking a sweat and yet nothing has really changed. You are not alone. Many people believe that the secret to a better life is to form new and better habits, well, that isn’t the case. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that productive habits don’t create productivity; however, what is the point of going to the gym if when you get home you eat pizza, ice cream, and have a beer? Great habits are pointless if you cannot drop the negative habits.

Great and positive habits will get you moving but, damaging and negative habits will have you moving on a treadmill. You are doing the same amount of work but staying in the same place. Moving with no movement. As I once heard, “It is easy and exciting to start something new, it hard and scary to give up something old.” Here are some examples that might relate to you.

1. Reading with no action – Reading is great, there is no negative downside to reading. Science has proven that reading boost brain power, brings new knowledge and helps with word vocabulary and speech. Great news, you have just started this great new habit. You are learning things, expanding your brain power, and improving your vocabulary by learning new words for new situations. Bad news, you are not leaving your house and therefore not creating new situations. Knowledge is pointless with no action.

2. Lift with no Shift – Exercising is a key part of life, it not only improves your physical shape but also your mental shape. Exercising improves your health, helps with anxiety and with depression. Great news, you have just formed this habit of going to the gym every other day, working heard and breaking a sweat! Bad news, it has almost been a year and you have seen no big shifts in your weight nor your mental health. Here is where the problem lies, you still have the habit of eating unhealthily and drinking every weekend. Moving with no movement.

To drop damaging habits, you are going to have to do something you wont like, getting out of your comfort zone. Comfort zone is also known as the danger zone. Ironically, the comfort zone will lead you to uncomfortable situations. Such as looking at the weight scale or failing at an interview because you haven’t learned how to place you reading skills into a real-life situation. I want you to examine your habits and look at your life. Is there shift, are you getting closer to your goal or staying in the same place? If you notice you are doing the work but not getting any work done, examine your habits and step off life’s treadmill.

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